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Do you enjoy watching exclusive series and documentaries without ads? Want to take advantage of the TF1+ offer, giving you access to a variety of quality programs on all your screens? But do you find the price of the TF1 max subscription too high for your budget? Don't panic, there's a solution: share subscriptions.
In this article, you'll discover how to share a TF1+ subscription with others to reduce your expenses while enjoying its content. You'll learn what TF1+ is, how subscription sharing works, its advantages, and how to find people to safely share your subscription with.
If you're interested in sharing TF1+ subscription, stay with us and follow the guide!

What is TF1+?

TF1+ is a free streaming service that replaces MyTF1, offering a variety of quality programs (series, documentaries, shows, etc.). Whether you want to follow the news, immerse yourself in a captivating story, or learn something new, TF1+ has something for everyone.
Qu’est-ce que TF1+
TF1+ offers different subscription options to suit your needs and budget. You can choose between a monthly subscription at €5.99 or an annual one at €59.99, with a 7-day trial period. With a subscription, you can access ad-free content, previews, and on all devices (smartphones, tablets, connected TVs, etc.).
TF1+ is not the same as MyTF1 MAX, though both are from the same company. TF1+ shares similarities with MyTF1 MAX, like content and features, but it also has differences, such as the interface, user experience, and subscription options. TF1+ features a more modern and intuitive design, smoother and personalized navigation, and more flexible and affordable plans.
If you're looking for a streaming service that offers the best of French television, TF1+ is for you.

How to Share TF1+ Subscription?

Thinking of sharing your TF1+ subscription? Great idea! The principle is simple: split the subscription cost among several people. By sharing login details and the password, each user enjoys complete access to TF1+ while reducing their personal expense. It's a perfect solution for groups of friends, families, or even roommates. An "administrator" of the account can be appointed to manage the collection of contributions and access to the account, ensuring smooth organization. Plus, TF1+ allows two screens to be used simultaneously, ideal for sharing. The benefits of sharing a TF1+ subscription are significant:
  • Cost Savings: Each group member pays a reduced share, making the subscription highly affordable.

  • Expanded Access to Content: TF1+ is known for its rich library of series, films, and documentaries. By sharing, you explore more content without additional cost. The 2 simultaneous screen functionality means two users can watch different content at the same time, offering a personalized and conflict-free experience.

  • Flexibility and Freedom: Each user can enjoy the content on their own device, whenever they want, offering total freedom in the viewing experience.

How to Find People to Share Your TF1+ Subscription With?

The first step to sharing your TF1+ subscription is finding trustworthy people. Start with your closest circle: friends, family, colleagues, neighbors. They are often the most reliable and likely share similar entertainment interests. Discuss it at meetings, social events, or through social media groups. You might be surprised to find how many people in your circle are interested in this initiative. Sharing with acquaintances reduces risks and builds trust, essential elements for a successful sharing experience.
To expand your options, turn to shared subscription platforms, like GoSplit. These online services facilitate connecting with other users eager to share a TF1+ subscription. These platforms offer a secure environment to find reliable and interested people, minimizing risks associated with sharing with strangers.
Once on these platforms, the process is simple. Create an account, then either join an existing group or create a new one. Once the group is formed, each member pays their share via the platform, which then manages the subscription. These tools offer transparent and fair payment management, eliminating potential disagreements over cost sharing. Additionally, they allow easy subscription management, ensuring that all members have fair access.
To start sharing, visit these platforms. The process for sharing or joining a shared subscription group is simple and intuitive. Create your account, then choose to join an existing group or create your own. Each group member contributes financially via the platform, which then transparently and fairly manages the subscription. These platforms ensure hassle-free subscription management, guaranteeing fair access for all members.


In summary, TF1+ offers you an impressive range of quality content. With subscription sharing, you can access these programs while making significant savings. Subscription sharing platforms simplify this process, ensuring security and convenience.
So, what are you waiting for? Join TF1+ now and start sharing your subscription. Visit the recommended platforms to easily find sharing partners. And if you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact GoSplit's customer support.
Thank you for reading. We hope this information helps you enjoy TF1+ economically and pleasantly. Have a great day and happy streaming!