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Are you on the quest for a happier, healthier lifestyle? Eager to unlock the premier collection of meditation, sleep, and wellness resources? Are you curious about sharing Calm subscription with familiar faces or even strangers who are seeking the same serenity and mindfulness as you? If these questions resonate with you, you're in the right place.
This blog post is tailored for you. We will delve into the practical steps for sharing your Calm subscription or engaging in a shared subscription to save money while enjoying all the benefits that Calm has to offer (including Premium Family). This approach isn't just about reducing costs, it's about broadening your access to top-tier wellness content, whether you're looking to divide the expense, explore more features, or simply extend peace and calm to others.
Continue with us as we navigate the ways to leverage your Calm subscription to its fullest potential, making sure you and others can enjoy the premium benefits at a more affordable price.

What is Calm and Why You Need It

Calm stands as the premier app for meditation, sleep, and wellness, with over 100 million downloads and stellar ratings of 4.8 stars on the App Store and 4.4 stars on Google Play. This acclaimed platform is your ally in enhancing mental and physical health by mitigating stress, enriching sleep quality, sharpening focus, and elevating mood.
Calm app strore reviews Calm reviews google play
Calm offers an array of features and content designed to meet diverse needs and preferences. Delve into daily meditations, captivating sleep stories, soothing music, enlightening masterclasses, and more. With a vast selection of topics including anxiety, gratitude, happiness, mindfulness, and relaxation, Calm supports your personal path to tranquility and well-being.

Calm Subscription Plans

Understanding the varied needs of its users, Calm introduces several subscription plans to align with different budgets and lifestyles:
  • Calm Premium Monthly: $14.99/month for unlimited access to all content.

  • Calm Premium Yearly: $69.99/year, which breaks down to $5.83/month, offering a cost-effective way to enjoy Calm's full suite of features.

    Calm Premium Monthly vs Yearly

  • Calm Premium Family: $99.99/year, providing up to six premium accounts, making it an ideal choice for family or friends seeking shared wellness experiences.

    Calm Premium Family Plan

How to Share Calm Subscription with Your Family and Friends

Embarking on the journey of wellness together can amplify its benefits manifold. Sharing your Calm Premium Family subscription with family and friends is straightforward, ensuring everyone can indulge in the serenity and benefits that Calm offers.
To invite or remove members to your plan,
Step 1: Navigate to Your Profile

Begin by logging into Calm website, as the app itself does not support subscription management. Once there, click on your “Profile” and proceed to the “Manage Subscription” section.
Step 2: Manage Your Family Group
Select “Manage members” to view your current family group. From here, you can expand your circle of tranquility by clicking on “Invite Members”.
Step 3: Send Invitations
You have the option to invite family members by copying the invite link or using the "Email Link" button. This makes it convenient to share the calmness with your near and dear ones.
Step 4: Remove Members if Needed
If circumstances change, you can remove a member by simply clicking on the “X” next to their email address, ensuring that your group always comprises the current circle of users.
By sharing your Calm subscription, not only do you split the cost affordably, but you also foster an environment where supporting each other’s wellness goals becomes second nature. Enjoy the same rich features across the board, from sleep stories to meditations, all while nurturing collective well-being.
To maintain a harmonious shared subscription experience, it's important to set group expectations early on. Discuss and agree upon privacy boundaries and respect each individual’s unique wellness journey within the app. Remember, while you're on this journey together, each person's path to peace is their own.
Important Considerations:
  1. Admin Privileges: Keep in mind that only the Calm Premium Family Admin has the rights to add or remove members.

  2. Immediate Effect: Be aware that once a family member is removed from the plan, they lose access to Calm’s Premium content instantly.

Shared Calm, Shared Wellness

Discover the art of collective peace and budget-friendly wellness with our ultimate guide on how to share calm subscriptions or join a shared subscription. You've learned the steps to save money while maximizing the full spectrum of benefits offered by the Calm Premium Family plan.
Ready to take the next step? Share calm subscription with those who matter most. Sign up for Calm today, invite your family and friends, or join a group that's already discovering the joys of shared mindfulness. Embrace the journey to a more serene life, together and cost-effectively.