Mubi Subscription: How to Share and Split the Price Together Free

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Are you a cinephile looking for a more affordable way to access Mubi's eclectic collection of films? If yes, then you've come to the right place. Mubi, a haven for movie lovers, offers a unique streaming service featuring handpicked, exceptional films from around the globe. However, the cost of a Mubi membership can be a hurdle for many. But fret not!
In this post, we'll dive into a savvy solution: sharing mubi subscription to split the cost. Get ready to unlock the world of cinema by keeping your wallet in check. Keep reading to learn how you and others can share the love of movies and the cost, efficiently and hassle-free!

What is Mubi TV and How Does It Work?

A streaming service? A curator? A publisher? A distributor? A cinema lover? All of these Mubi TV are. It stands out with its unique feature of curating a selection of 30 hand-picked films every month. Each day, a new film is introduced, and an older one is phased out, ensuring that the library remains fresh and dynamic. This method of curation guarantees that users are consistently presented with high-quality, diverse, and engaging content.
what is mubi tv
The diversity and quality of Mubi's film library are where it really shines. Unlike mainstream streaming services, which often prioritize quantity and popular titles, Mubi focuses on a rich mix of genres, including independent, classic, and international films. This dedication to a wide range of cinematic experiences offers viewers an opportunity to explore the world of film in a more profound and meaningful way.
what films are on mubi
In contrast to other streaming platforms that rely heavily on algorithms for content recommendations, Mubi's selection is carefully curated by a team of film experts. This human touch adds a layer of sophistication and personalization to the viewer’s experience.

How Much Does Mubi Cost and How to Sign Up for a Free Trial?

To embark on your Mubi experience, follow these easy steps:
  1. Visit Mubi’s Website or Download Their App: Head to Mubi’s official website or download their app to get started.

    download mubi app

  2. Create an Account: Click on 'Log in > Sign up now'. You'll be prompted to enter basic information like your email and a password.

    create a mubi account

  3. Choose Your Mubi Subscription Plan: Opt for either the £11.99 monthly plan or the £95.88 (£7.99/month) annual plan.

    mubi monthly subscription
    mubi annual subscription

  4. Enter Payment Details: Input your payment information. Remember, you won’t be charged during the 7-day free trial period.

    Mubi membership payment

  5. Enjoy Your 7-Day Free Trial: Once your account is ready, you can dive into Mubi’s curated film collection immediately.

Keep in mind, the free trial automatically converts to your chosen subscription plan unless you cancel before the 7 days are up. Cancellation is hassle-free and can be done through "Subscription" under your account settings.

How to Share Mubi Subscription with Others?

Sharing Mubi subscription via GoSplit can lead to up to 60% savings per individual, providing full access to Mubi's extensive film collection.
Here’s how it works:
  1. Connecting with Fellow Cinephiles: GoSplit simplifies the process of finding others interested in sharing a Mubi subscription. It connects you with like-minded film enthusiasts, ready to embark on a cinematic journey together.

  2. Share Login Credentials Safely with GoSplit: GoSplit manages the sharing of Mubi subscription costs and login credentials among up to three users. It ensures each member gets secure access to Mubi’s library without the hassle of handling payment details individually.

  3. Advantages of Using GoSplit:

    • Cost Reduction: Significantly lower your subscription expense.

    • Expand Your Film Circle: Engage with other movie lovers and share opinions.

    • Convenience and Security: GoSplit takes care of payment division and credential sharing, providing a secure and straightforward experience.

What to Watch on Mubi and How to Make the Most of Your Subscription?

Having embarked on the cost-effective journey of sharing a Mubi subscription, it's time to explore the wealth of cinematic treasures this platform offers. Mubi’s diverse range caters to various tastes, allowing you to delve into genres from drama to horror, or themes like romance or crime. Easily filter by country, director, year, or language to tailor your viewing experience.
Here are some must-watch recommendations:
  • Parasite: Bong Joon-ho's Oscar-winning film intertwines class and greed with dark humor.

    Parasit mubi

  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire: Céline Sciamma's period drama offers a captivating tale of forbidden love.

    portrait of a lady on fire mubi

  • The Lighthouse: Dive into psychological horror with Robert Eggers’ film, starring Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe.

    the lighthouse mubi

  • The Farewell: Lulu Wang's blend of comedy and drama reveals a heartfelt family story.

    the farewell mubi

Enhance your Mubi experience with user-centric features:
  • Rate and Review: Share your thoughts on films and see community opinions.

  • Personal Watchlist: Curate a list of films for future viewing.

  • Follow Users: Connect with others who have similar tastes and get recommendations.
If you're yet to join Mubi, don’t miss out. It’s the ultimate destination for movie lovers, now more accessible than ever through shared subscriptions. Sign up for Mubi now, and immerse yourself in the best of world cinema.