Guide to Sharing Your Volleyball World TV Subscription

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Welcome, volleyball enthusiasts! If you're here, you've likely heard of "Volleyball World TV" or you're looking for information on how to make the most of your subscription. The good news? You're in the right place!
In the world of volleyball, having access to quality content is essential, and "Volleyball World TV" is the perfect solution for those who don't want to miss a minute of the action. It's the official streaming service of the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) that allows you to access all video content related to the world of volleyball, from live matches to highlights, exclusive interviews, and much more. In addition to a wide range of content, the subscription offers impeccable video quality and the ability to follow events from any device.
But there's more! If you want to share the passion (and the costs) with friends and family, you can find out how to share the subscription and save. Keep reading to discover all the details and tricks to make the most of your Volleyball World TV subscription!

How to Share Your Volleyball World TV Subscription

Sharing your Volleyball World TV subscription can be a great way to save on costs and enjoy the thrill of volleyball together with friends. But how? Here's a step-by-step guide to help you in this process.
  1. Know the costs: Choose the subscription plan you prefer among those available. Volleyball World TV offers 2 types of plans:

    • Premium: priced at $7.99/MONTH, it grants access to over 4,000 live volleyball matches, including the 2024 Olympic selections and full matches and replays of the 2023 VNL. It also includes exclusive interviews with players and behind-the-scenes content.

    • Beach: priced at $5.99/MONTH. Beach Pro Tour broadcasts worldwide, covering more than 50 geographical areas.

      Volleyball World TV subscription plans

  2. Share credentials: Once you've chosen the plan, you'll need to share your login credentials with those you want to share the subscription with. We recommend setting a specific password for sharing! Make sure you share them only with trustworthy individuals or choose a guaranteed sharing platform like GoSplit to find a syndication partner.

Key Points Before Sharing the Subscription

If you're thinking about pooling your precious Volleyball World TV pass, there are some key aspects to consider. Keeping these guidelines in mind ensures smooth viewing and an unmatched experience:

  1. Maximum number of shares: The first thing to know is that you can share your subscription with only one person. Why? Volleyball World TV (VBTV) allows up to two concurrent streams on supported devices. This means that even if you can have multiple login sessions at the same time, only two videos can be viewed at once. And remember, VBTV is available worldwide!

  2. Splitting the costs: If you decide to share the subscription, the cost will be split equally between you and the person you share it with.

  3. Access to content: All people participating in sharing the subscription will have access to the same content and features.

  4. Canceling the share: If for any reason you decide not to share the subscription anymore, you can cancel the sharing at any time.


You've learned the essential details and benefits associated with sharing a Volleyball World TV subscription. If the idea of sharing your subscription with a friend or family member excites you, don't wait any longer! Share your Volleyball World TV subscription now and experience the magic of volleyball.