Canal Plus Account Sharing: Everything You Need to Know

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Password Sharing
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Maximum 2 Joiners
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Change Password Anytime
Do you enjoy watching movies, series, sports, or documentaries on Canal+? Do you want to take advantage of all the benefits of this channel without breaking the bank? Are you looking for a simple and legal solution to share your subscription with others? Then, this blog post is for you!
In this article, We will explain what Canal+ is, the different types of subscriptions, how to subscribe, how to share your account, and the best platforms to do it safely. You will see that Canal Plus account sharing is a very advantageous practice, which will allow you to save money while accessing a wide catalog of content. Ready to learn more? Then, follow the guide!

Canal+: Discovery and Subscription Offers

Canal+ is a French television channel that offers varied and quality programs, such as movies, series, sports, documentaries, cultural shows, etc. To access Canal+, you have the choice between several subscription formulas, according to your preferences and your budget:
  • Canal+ Series: The 100% series offered by CANAL+, with all the original creations, US and European series! Add additional users at any time and let your loved ones enjoy your favorite series.

  • Canal+: With the CANAL+ offer, enjoy ultra-recent films, cult and must-see films, major live sports events, CANAL+ Original Creation, international series… And now all Apple Original creations with Apple TV+!

  • Canal+ Sport: All the sports of CANAL+, beIN SPORTS, DAZN and Eurosport are within the same offer! Plus: cinema with 350 new films per year, series, CANAL+ original creations and Apple TV+ content!

  • Canal+ Ciné Series: CANAL+, Disney+ Standard, Netflix Standard, Paramount+, OCS, CANAL+ Series and now all Apple Original creations with Apple TV+… Everything is there!

  • Canal+ Friends & Family: The Friends & Family offer is all the CANAL+ offers combined into one with 4 simultaneous screens!


How to subscribe to Canal+?

Subscribing to Canal+ is simple:

  1. Visit the Canal+ site and choose your package.


  2. Create an account, enter your details, choose your payment method and validate your order.


  3. Confirm the email you received containing your subscriber number and your password.


  4. You can also modify your subscription, add options or cancel at any time in your customer area. You benefit from a free trial month to test the service and form your own opinion.

How to Share Your Canal Plus Subscription

If you don’t have people with whom to share your Canal+ account in your tax household, or if you are looking to join an existing Canal+ account, you can use secure account sharing platforms. These are websites that connect people who want to share their streaming service subscription with people who want to access it at a lower cost. These platforms allow you to create or join sharing groups, pay or receive your share of the subscription, and manage your access safely. Among the most popular account sharing platforms, GoSplit can be mentioned.
Sharing Method: By password.
If you are the holder of the Canal+ subscription:

To make your Canal account available to other people, follow these simple steps:
  1. Register for free on GoSplit.

  2. Post your ad mentioning your Canal+ identifiers and password.

  3. Rest assured: your information will only be disclosed after payment confirmation by GoSplit, in a secure environment.
To ensure a smooth transition for the new user, consider adding a dedicated profile. Also, please respect the number of users stipulated in your Canal offer.

If you wish to subscribe to a Canal+ subscription via sharing, the procedure is easy:
  1. Join GoSplit at no cost.

  2. Choose the desired Canal+ subscription and the group you wish to join.

  3. After validating your payment, immediately access the login credentials for Canal+.
Important note: For your security, we recommend opting for a distinct password for each shared streaming subscription.


As you have understood, Canal Plus account sharing is an excellent way to enjoy all the advantages of this channel without spending too much money. Whether you are a subscriber or not, you can share your account with members of your tax household or with outsiders, thanks to secure account sharing platforms. You will thus be able to access a wide choice of programs, movies, series, sports, etc. on multiple screens and in high definition.
So, don’t wait any longer, share your Canal Plus account today and enjoy yourself!