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Password sharing
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Maximum 2 joiners
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Renewal account

 What is ATRESplayer PREMIUM?

ATRESplayer PREMIUM is the online video platform of the Atresmedia group where you can enjoy all the programs from our family of channels (Antena 3, laSexta, Neox, Nova, Mega, AtreSeries and online channels such as Flooxer) both live and all content on Video On Demand without advertising.


Plan and price


  • Exclusive and original content
  • previews
  • No advertising
  • No fixed term
  • The entire catalog of series and programs*
  • offline download
  • last seven days





For owners

ATRESplayer PREMIUM is shared by account and key. So what you need to do is providing correct account information on Gosplit .

You can also refer to this article in Help Center.

How do I share a subscription of which I am the owner?

For co-subscribers

After you complete your purchase and join the group, remember to send your email address to the owner.

You can also refer to this article in Help Center.

How to join a subscription

If this is your first time using GoSplit please register; if your account already exists, please log in to your account.